PC-based DVD Duplicator or Stanalone?

Hi. Looking to build a DVD duplicator that would allow me to backup Wii games. Backing up from backups so I don’t have to go through the whole LG GDR thing. Living in Canada rules!

My question is, since I can only backup Wii games properly if first ripped to ISO/IMG format, what would be the best way to go?
PC based DVD duplicator or a standalone with a few HDDs attached with IMG files on them?
What format would standalone dupes recognize on the HDD to use the image file as Master? ISO or IMG? Or something else entirely?

Also, if I choose to go the PC-based route, what are my limitations? What software would I be using to run the dupe through the PC?
What would be the recommendations to build a 1-to-5 PC-based Duplicator? RAM/CPU etc.

Lastly, could backing up XBOX 360 games (after having them patched) be done on the same dupe used on the Wii backups?

Any standalone systems you can point me towards?
Or suggest a duplicator build?

Sorry for the many questions, but I’m new to the whole duplicator scene. :frowning:
I would greatly appreciate it if I were given a detailed answer.
Thank you for your time. :bow:

Nobody wants to help me? :frowning: