Pc backup software

Hi , just joined as a friend said cd freaks was the friendliest best place to get help and advice ,so here goes! I am not a totall newbie to backing up my pc but I have had some real headaches with varios software ie acronius 11 and ghost 14 didnt fit the bill , briefly acronis 11 caused an error and major issues with my usb , any device unplugged gave a hotplug error , I fixed this by reinstalling the usb drivers , however evey time I restored the image I had to fix corrupted usb drivers , ghost 14 wouldnt backup bullguard or panda anti virus suites , but the old ghost 2003 would, but was a lenghthy thing to do , I want something that will quickly backup all windows xp programs firewalls activation and all , ie a good hardrive image software backup utility that wont corrupt usbs wont complain it cant backup the firewall ie ghost 14 driver verification , one or two clicks and go! can anyone advise me of a good product please not ghost not acronis 11 thanks:bow:

Yes try XXCLONE and it’s free, do a web search for it as I don’t have the link just right now, OK here it is http://www.xxclone.com/ I just used it two days ago to back up my HD to the spare HD and it worked great

thanks i will try that as acronis 11 caused me nothing but grief!

[quote=neil2047;2116829]thanks i will try that as acronis 11 caused me nothing but grief![/quote] Please let us know how it worked for you as other people may want to try it also :):slight_smile: