PC auto reboots after successful DVD burning

Hi guys, Hi Olli,
after updating to V2.6.2.3 my PC auto reboots after successful DVD burning.
This happens instantly when the message with the icon comes that you can eject your media and while the “jingle” still plays. I thought I have maybe some heat issue or so, but ASUSprob looks actually very fine.
I have a P4 2667 MHz, 512 RAM, an ASUS P4PE with Adaptec SCSI, and a RAID 0 with SATA and am using XP SP2, AnyDVD,NIS 2005 and a Sony DRU 500A plus some other stuff, which I can disclose if needed.
Would very much appreciate any help to solve this issue or maybe define if it as a bug and not a feature :wink:

the problem persists also with the new CloneDVD Version. No ideas at all?
BTW Nero and Shrink work fine.