PC Audio "clicking" after installing AnyDVD

I am new to this but have read a lot about the subject before downloading a trial version of AnyDVD (and CloneDVD) expecting great things. They installed fine and I look forward to trying them out. However, I now have a really annoying random clicking noise through the speakers (all the time) on my PC. It continues even when the two new programs are not running. Any ideas ?

I am not an expert - but I can’t see why AnyDVD or CloneDVD should cause this problem - uninstall and see if it is still there.

I too highly doubt these programs have anything to do with the clicking on your speakers. Follow abrown15’s instructions and uninstall. When you re-install do 1 at a time and check, preferably AnyDVD first since the default is to run at Windows startup.

I think there is more to it then mentioned, what else have you changed to bring on these symptoms?

The good news is that the software worked first time !.. The bad news is that my pc audio is still clicking. I did install AnyDVD first and thats when the clicking started. The only other thing that has changed is the “you have a Java update” message came up and I clicked to receive it. I will try un-installing it as suggested - thanks for the replies.

I un-installed AnyDVD and the clicking was still present. I re-booted. No clicking. I re-installed AnyDVD, no clicking. So success !. No idea what caused or removed it. Not to worry. I will be trying this software a lot over the next few weeks but from results so far with the trial copy, I will be buying it. Thanks again.

Glad to hear you got it straightened out, I assure you AnyDVD was not the cause. Best of luck with your burning.