PC as a DVD duplicator

Well I’ve had my own personal built DVD duplicator for around 8 months now, it is of the following spec:

ECS K7S5A Motherboard
256mb SD-RAM
20gb HDD (Planning to add 100gb to that amount soon ;))
AMD 2000+ XP Processor

3 x NEC 3500AG drives with hacked firmware
1 x Liteon 16x DVD Reader

Anyway I’ve been using Windows Server 2003 ever since I set it up, but now find it just dosen’t seem to be performing as good as it should be able to.

Any suggestions for operating systems/hardware setup etc? I use a lot of various tools such as DVD Shrink etc so >Linux is out of the picture.

With only a 20 gig harddrive, perhaps that could be your problem. I find that after about 4 to 5 movies I have almost 20 gigs of movies stored on my HD already.

do U defrag yer hdds often, with sumthin like Raxco Perfect disk ?

is yer hdd now full, where before it was not?

amazing that U can burn 3 dvds at once w/so little memory… congrats!

get bigger hdd as second drive
add more RAM
defrag hdd weekly

Is your hard drive running at 5400, 7200, or 10,000 rpm? If its a 20 gb drive, its probably old unless its 10,000rpm so that could be your problem. ATA66, 133? As was previously said, your ram is way low. You can double it for prob 30-40 bucks. Make sure your new hdd is running at 7200+ rpm… the 5400’s are not worth the small price drop. Also, find out if your ram is 66, 100 or 133Mhz, this will make a big difference (if you plan to upgrade, don’t buy faster ram because your computer will treat it as the slowest ram you have). However, if you do have 66 then I would recommend taking it out and buying 512mb of 133. If its 100Mhz , then its a toss up… I wouldn’t put too much money into that machine, personally.