Pc 2 phone



i am trying to find are free program for makeing phone calls from your pc.
soes anyone know of one.


There are a number of VoIP services out there Skype being one of them, just google serch for it. there are limits to the free nature of the calls, they have to be to users on the same network, so Skype to Skype for example. This is generally the same regardless of the provider.


Windows has a built in software for the longest time, Start -> Run -> dialer. This is for dial-up calls via modem.

Programs also built in like Netmeeting and third party software such as AIM or Skype can do this over IP… broadbsnd is really a preferred must for this.

Which are you looking for btw?


i have cable so i dont think i can dail up someone it is just i want to run my phone in to the pc and make phone call’s like that.

ty for helping me out anyway guys


the only way you can use the regular telephone to make calls over IP is through certain web sites with these services… there are quite a few, and they are free

google for them


Hello the program may be free but you have to load it to be able to call… I found one here http://globalcall.multipin.com/pc_index.jsp?p=i#install