Anyone no a good place to get 512mb of pc133 ram? I need it for a Dell 4300…



Why is pc133 ram so darn expensive???
Supply and demand??


Exactly. They don’t make much of it anymore since the world has moved on. What they do make, they charge a premium for.

I have a 128MB stick of KByte PC133, though I honestly don’t know if it works. I also have three 128MB sticks of Crucial PC100 that were recently pulled from an old PIII system, so I know they’re good, if anyone’s interested :bigsmile:




Unless you can find some used or luck out on a good deal (someone closing it out or something), it might actually be worth considering a new motherboard that supports ddr (depending on what cpu you have of course).


I got a Crucial PC133 512MB from buy.com for $78.99, just put in the “search” box 103271 and the memory will be displayed for you


Yes, but the point here is that you can get 512 megs of PC3200 DDRAM, which is newer, better, faster, etc, for around $40, approximately half of what you are paying for older, slower memory.


Fry’s Electronics has 512 megs of PC3200 DDRAM, Kingston Technology Brand on sale today for $34.99.


yes but if the computer’s motherboard doesn’t accept PC3200 memory then it’s no point at all, the OP stated about PC133 memory not PC3200


watch the sunday papers
try pricewatch.c*m