Pbm with upgrade firmware 1.13 dvd107d

i am using a pioneer 107d with firmware 1.10 ( official ) .i want to upgrade to1.13 and i only get :

current revision pioneer dvd-rw dvr-107d 1.10 04/02/12 .
the firmware of target is not correct f/w. this firmware is not supported by this prog.
i ve downloaled the f/w 1.13 from pioneer site.

anybody knows something about this pbm ? is there a way to by-pass this reject ?
tks in advance

There are 3 firmwares, one for the retail model, o for the oem model and one more for the advance model (XLA).

Which one do you have?

Also you can ugrade with DVRFlash tool.

i have the oem version.
i ll try to find the right one .
tks for the answer :slight_smile: