PBDV1640P disc's not recognised. Please help!



Hello All
I am sure I am going to annoy you with silly questions but any help is gratefully received!

I have purchased a Phillips PBDV1640P. I have been able to back up films on TDK DVD-R 16x discs. These work just fine so I thought I would get some printable discs. This has not been so successful. I have tried Infiniti 16x and Datawrite Titanium 16x. My dvd doesn’t recognise either of these. I have downloaded the latest firmware 3.5 but it still doesn’t recognise these. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to good discs and i wondered if anyone might know of a printable disc that might work in this dvd burner. I did wonder if dropping down to a 8x might be advisable but I will wait for those who know more than me to help if possible.

Thanks for any help at all and sorry to bother you with such a stupid question.



Hi Cindy, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Philips probably have on their site a list of supported 16X media with their current firmware. Most drive manufacturers do publish such a list on their site, try to find it.

Just a thing: when you say “doesn’t recognize”, what do you mean exactly?

Best printable discs is a difficult question, I’d say the safest option in your case is to go for 8x -R printables from Verbatim (mediacode MCC 02RG20) - though Benq users (your Philips is actually a rebadged Benq 1620) would probably give better advice. My own 1620 just died and I never used printable medias in it…

Ask for safe printable medias in the Benq/Philips forum.


Hi there. My PBDV1640P. don’t recognize my DataMate 8x DVD-R! I mean, he tries to read the disc, but nothing happens!What could be? Quality problem? Wich DVD’s should i use?
Thanks in advance