PBDV1640P@Benq 1620(B7M9) backflash

anyone got idea on this?

i already flashed my philips PBDV1640P@ benq 1620(B7M9), how to backflash it to philips back?

Well you could flash it with a suitable CVT file in DOS, that would be how we’d do it.

P2.2 http://tdb.rpc1.org/original/1640PP22.ZIP
B2.2 http://tdb.rpc1.org/original/1640PB22.ZIP

Brother Vlad

THank you !!!


may i ask… wat is the different for P2.2 and B2.2?
sorry if this one could be find elsewhere in this forums…

but hope someone can answer me…

10s in advance

A quick check with Google suggests the following

B2.2 PBDV1640P Bulk
P2.2 DVDR1640P Retail

Brother Vlad

is the B2.2 firmware link is the one which the drive will not turn up red LED when burning?

anywhere to get the B2.1?