[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR EX75EB-S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am having trouble with playback of a V-CD disc. The disc contains a number of sideshows of JPG photos. The V-CD was authored by a special function within my Photo Album software (AlbumPlus X3 by Serif).

CD-R and CR-RW discs produce the same (failed) results.

The software creates a ‘Template’. This contains a number of icons. Each icon (should) contain a slideshow beneath it. The files have been sequenced by the AlbumPlus application according to my rules. The DVD/TV displays this template exactly as shown in my software. However, all controls (on both remote and the DVD itself) have no effect. Most display the ‘not available’ icon on the TV. The DVD display shows PBC.

I have tried to playback on a simple Philips DVD. This is more successful but does require very odd sequence of buttons. It also displays PBC.

I must be missing something but have no idea what. A number of ‘help’ sites have suggested turning PBC off but there seems no way of doing this on this DVD. There is discussion of V-CD ver 1.1 an ver 2.0 but I do not have any understanding/control of this.

It seems that I was missing something. The photo display operated by my pressing [1] on the DVD hand set and then [enter]. The other slideshows on the VCD operated by [2][enter] etc. Not at all intuitive. The arrow buttons around the [enter] button have no effect - surprisingly as this would allow selection of the icon for the particular slideshow - as is used for all other functions on the DVD. The only other keys that work are [pause] and [play] - once the slideshow has started. Photos are displayed for about 2-3 seconds and then replaced by the next. This gap may well be defined within my software when I created the slideshow. How did I discover all this - a short paragraph in the manual - which was at variance with instructions in the application itself.
Whether what I have found is a characteristic of Panasonic; VCD formats or my application (AlbumPlus by Serif) I have no idea. Any rate it seems to work to display photos but with very little control.