"PBC" and "VCD 2.0"...meaning?

I have a Terapin VCD recorder.

I’ve noticed that discs it makes read on the display as “VCD 1” point something. (I’m not sure.)

Discs I burn on my computer using Nero, however, show up on the Terapin with the letters “PBC” and also as “VCD 2.0”

I’ve noticed such discs don’t allow me to do things like switch the display to how much time is left on the disc…how much time has passed is all that will come up.

What is the difference between 2.0 and earlier versions, and what does “PBC” mean?

Help? :confused:

Differences between VCD 1.1 and 2.0 can be found here:http://www.videohelp.com/vcd PBC according to Videohelp.com is:

Playback control, PBC, is available for Video CD (VCD) 2.0 and Super Video CD (SVCD) 1.0 disc formats. PBC allows control of the playback of play items and the possibility of interaction with the user through the remote control or some other input device available.

Does it make any sense that the machine would be more limited in its “display” when a disc was made in 2.0?

The machine plays it and identifies as being in the 2.0 format (even tho it only makes discs in 1.whatever), but I can’t get “display” to show overall disc time remaining, info on individual tracks, etc.

All I get is the overall timing on the disc itself, how much has gone by since it started playing.

Haven’t compared that with my DVD player’s reaction to 2.0 discs vs. 1.whatever, tho’.