Pb with NFS Underground 2


I tried to make a backup of NFSU2 using latest BW 5.2.9.
I had a problem with the GAME CD: disk 2.
BW correctly read the original CD, and created an image (I let automatic profile, no tweak at all).
I tested the image by mounting it with daemon tools, it worked perfectly.
Then I burnt it, still with BW in automatic.
But with the CD, no way, I just get the splash screen, and the game never starts.
In XP (SP2) task monitor, I can see the game executable consuming a few CPU, the activity LED on the CD is blinking continuously, and that’s all.

What did I do wrong ??
Thanks for helping.


Have you tried contacting VSO Support?

Best of luck,

Try disabling your virtual drives, sometimes this will make a difference, especially if they have been blacklisted.

Thanks for replying,
I read in another forum that BW is not yet able to emulate weak sector, which is precisely the protection used on NFSU2, only cloneCD can do it, I tried it and it worked.

What is your burner?
Plextor Premium is the best.
I used Alcohol120% and my Plextor for this game and I have a very good copy, that plays with no emulation on many players(CD/DVD reader or writer).
I believe that Blind Write can do the same and better, but you must have a good burner.I am trying BW5 these days. It is very good on SecuROMNEW4.x/5.x games.Together with BWA files and the Plextor it has given me very nice copies, that play with no emulation on all my drives.
I have not test it with Safe Disk games like NFSUG2. When I will, I shall let you know.
Note: I have read somewhere in the forum that the previous version 4.5xxx is a Safe Disk killer.
I wish you luck.