Pb with ltr 32125W

Hello everybody.
I have a big problem. My lite on 32125W refuse to read cds. But it is recognised by windows. When I put a cd in the train the cd wont run and windows says that there is no cd in the drive.
Anybody has an idea?
I think that is the lens which is out of order because the motor for the cd is working corrctly at the bootand the lens lmove too but I don’t see laser.
Please help me.


The exact same problem with me!!!
I’ve juste changed drives 3 times(lite on 48/24/48, 2x lite on 52/24/52) et had that problem each time after 15 min of use!

I thought first I was really unlucky but it seems that luck has nothing to do now and I absolutely don’t know what could cause that!? any harware (software) bad behaviour?

I’m working under : windows xp pro sp1
mb: asus a7n8x deluxe
proc: athlon xp 2600+
hdd wd+maxtor
ddr apacer 1go 333
dvd toshiba 1712

Any idea is welcome,