PB reading DVD's on LapTop/W2K

I recently installed an External DVD Drive NEC DVD_RW ND-3520 USB Device
(Standard CD-ROM drives) connected to the my lap top Dell Latitude CPi R through a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card.

I can see the drive and browse files in a data DVD disk but when I try to read a video DVD, I get the following message:
“while setting up dvd-video playback, it was found that *video cannot be shown
on the monitor because of one of the following reasons:
a) low video memory, use lower display resolution and/or color
b) another app is using the display adaptor
c) the display adaptor is incompatible with the dvd decoder. try to obtain
another display driver update.”

I have lowered the resolution settings and taken out skype and any MSFT
Messager but the problem remains.

My configuration is:
Dell Latitude CPi R, P2,400,NB,DIX,MMC2
CPU : 400 MHz
Bus Speed : 66 MHz
Motherboard : Dell Latitude CPi R400GT
System : Dell Latitude CPi R400GT
BIOS : Dell A14
Memory : 127 MB
Version de Windows 2000
Available Disk space over a total of 6GB
Video Card is NeoMagic MagicGraph256ZX driver
The Graphic Card Driver is neo20xx v 5.31.00 from NeoMagic Corporation

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :bow:


Note: The Dell profile added the following info that may be useful (?) about the system Controller sound, video and game controller Unimmodem Half-Duplex Audio Device Microsoft NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 + AC97 Driver (WDM) NeoMagic Corporation

i would try the general hardware or recording hardware forum with that one…

I hate to say it but I don’t think you’ve got enough balls to run an axternal DVD with your system. Your real short of memory.:sad:


Hate to say this - but - again - I agree with Sportsmell on this one-

Get more memory-


My old laptop had similar specs, and it would not play a dvd. Oh, it would try, but the audio could barely catch up to the video, and when it did, the video would start to skip, and hesitate. Never could get it to work right. This laptop had an internal dvd-rom drive, and some kinda neomagic video card. Good luck.

Thats mighty kind of you Little Satch.:wink:

Not enough Video RAM and doesn’t support overlay mode with installed Video RAM at selected color depth. In addition your CPU doesn’t have the required horsepower. Not much you can do.

I was in the park the other day wondering why frisbees get bigger and bigger the closer they get - and then it hit me. /.

Thank you, all.

I changed my DVD player and made it work. True, the performance are not that great but ok for me right now (until I get my super desk top :).

For those that are interested, there is a free DVD player called VLC media player which is great. You find it at:


But hurry up because the site says that it won’t be free forever…



been free for years…anyway i prefer windows media player classic.