PB Driver (Playback Driver)



Can anyone tell me where I can locate my playback driver for my Panasonic DVD ROM SR 8586. Is it on my system somewhere? or on a disk, where?

Has anyone heard of a little proggie called ’ Insektor

Any answers to the above would be appreciated.

Thanks for the replies to the last.


When PlayBack is installed you can select the drive for which the driver should be enabled. There is no need to locate it yourself but I think it’s included in the zip file.

InseKtors does about the same thing as PlayBack but it is compatible with Windows 2000 (unlike PlayBack which is only compatible with Windows 9x) and it supports other image filenames. PlayBack only supports CCD (CloneCD image), but InseKtors also supports CUE (CDRWin image) and NRG (Nero image). I’m not completely sure of all supported image files but there are some more…

Hope I’ve answered you questions.