Hi, I’m new to mp3 paysite services. I’ve searched the forums, but didn’t really find the answers I’m looking for. I’m looking for best quality, most available songs, cheap price.

Which services have the most songs? Which services have new songs available first? Which has the best quality songs? Who is the cheapest? Which services have the least amount of problems and which have good customer service? Sites that have unlimited downloads for one price, is Napster the only one that still makes you pay for certain songs or do they all do this? Overall, which would be the best site to use?

Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions and if anyone wants to tell me why they like the service they use, I would appreciate it!

IMO Itunes is the easiest and best music quality. Napster has the most songs. I wouldn’t call either of these “cheap”. MP3Search is cheap (when it’s up) … song selection and quality there is so-so.