Paypal suspends Freenet donations account



From Freenet web site
Paypal has frozen the account we use to accept donations over the web, they refuse to give any reason other than “use of an anonymous proxy”, which suggests that someone at Paypal took a dislike to the goals of our project, since I have never used an anonymous proxy to access Paypal (this being the activity I assume they sought to prevent). It is fortunate that Johann Gutenberg did not rely on Paypal to fund his work on the printing press, which also allowed anonymous publication of information, since his account would probably have been frozen too.

If you are concerned about whether your account might be at risk due to your political opinions you may wish to speak to their PR contact Hani Durzy at (408) 376 7458. If you are an investor and you would like to see what other political opinions Paypal doesn’t like, you may want to speak to their Investor contact Tracey Ford at (408) 376 7205.

They have said that they will refund our outstanding balance ($550) by check, but all of the projects subscriptions have been canceled which is a significant setback. Other means of accepting donations, including E-Gold, are still active. Anyone wishing to make a donation by check should email me directly. Unfortunately neither of these methods are as convenient as Paypal, but we will do our best to find an alternative ASAP.

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19th May, 2004 : Paypal grudgingly caves to public pressure
We received a seemingly automatic message from Paypal indicating that our account has been restored:

Thank you for taking the steps to restore your account access. Your patience and efforts increase security for our entire community of users. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the steps they refer to involve being a sufficiently high-profile project that it generates potentially damaging publicity, and our concern about Paypal extends beyond those people that are capable of generating significant levels of negative attention.

Our feeling is that in the absence of an explanation or apology from Paypal, we will not continue to advocate usage of their service. Paypal may have a legal right to discontinue service to its customers, but it has a moral obligation to offer a reasonable explanation for its actions, particularly where a faithful and profitable customer such as the Freenet Project Inc is concerned.


how dare they do that - i love the freenet portal and the whole idea! damn paypal…