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I have started a little project for myself in which i wanna download as much mp3s as i can before christmas to put on a good show at a christmas bash where i shall be DJ. Now i love newsgroups as you get max speeds all the time however i do not have a credit card to go for the cheap ones.

I’m wondering if anyone knows any providers that accept PayPal OR Solo Card and are reasonable cheap.

I will download other stuff too like mad so i can’t have one of those small GB’s limits.

Thanks in advance.

who is your isp? Are you sure your isp doesn’t provide you with newsgroup access?

I know I’m a little late here but…

I just emailed the other day about using Paypal and yes you can.

Email there sales dept. and they will give you the details.

True … Most in UK do … However, the retention is the main problem.
Freeserve, for instance, only has reliable retention for a couple of days … After that, attachments start disappearing. Also, the groups are very limited, compared to main providers.


Indeed, i’m currently on Freeserve (Wanadoo) have been for about 2 - 3 years and the groups are limited,

No binaries either.

Thanks, i will do in the week sometime.

Hi …
You’re joking, arent you? I was downloading all sorts with Freeserve binaries before I got a real server. They have dropped binaries, maybe? Of course, grabbing these with a Microsoft programme is a big waste of time ; ) Freeserve used to have a few thousand groups, a few of which were “useable” Now, I have a choice of around 46,000 … and I find new ones I can use every day. If I can help … Yahoo me … or PM.

Cheers … Al Bags

Cheers mate, will do,

Also information to anyone else when signing up using paypal you usally have to go for a more expensive option.