Paypal alleges Google Wallet was developed with "trade secrets"

Paypal alleges Google Wallet was developed with “trade secrets”.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A great deal of media attention has been showered upon the announcement of Google Wallet and Offers, mobile electronic payment system and discount programs currently under development by the search giant. It didn’t take much time, however, for another major corporation to put a damper on the seemingly innovative and unique plans by filing an intellectual property lawsuit.

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This is what “Corporate America” deserves for “destroying” the middle class. 40 some odd years ago it was common to see people working for 1 company their entire life, earning a good wage, and then be able to retire comfortably. Nowadays people are lucky if they can keep their current job for 2 - 3 years. Today’s corporate mindset of putting $$$ first, and outsourcing jobs/manufacturing to 3rd world countries has left an ‘every man for himself’ attitude.

So tell me again how does this relate to software forum??

Also they always talk about “FREE MARKETS” but when they loose out they cry fowl and yet forget they are the one asking for the free market values. What a bunch of hypocrites… :Z

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2590209]So tell me again how does this relate to software forum??[/QUOTE]
Well Paypal and Google Wallet do use “software” to power their services. It’s not the traditional end user software that you install, but it is software nonetheless. We don’t have specific categories for every single news item that we cover, so we try to choose the category that best fits or is most closely related.