Payment methods for slysoft



Is thier any otherway of getting anydvd other than credit cards.I always use my bank card for my online purchases but once in a bluemoon it won’t work so i use paypal. Is thier anyway that Slysoft could at more payment methods seeing that they have some of the best dvd software out there right now. It would surely make it more available and increase their sales, and I would be able to buy it. :iagree:


I did too use my bank card you should be able to use it like a credit card. I was anyway. As long as it has the visa logo on it.


mine does to but some sites ( very few ) won’t take it so i use paypal and i really want anydvd.


Try to see if you can order it that way or see if they have a 1800# to call , the phone method I think is a long shot.


1800 is mainly for the states
try calling collect or in Europe they say reverse the charges


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear your still having problems. Check your PMs’ & try suggestions there. Good luck.


has any body tried bartering
a couple of chickens for the fox should you at least one reg code


i tried trading something else, but James was too professional for that :wink: