Paying cybercriminals behind the global ransomware attack won't unlock your files

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Yesterday, the world was hit by a massive ransomware attack. The victims of the attack might think they regain access to their data when they pay the ransom but unfortunately for them, the email address used by the cybercriminals behind the attack is blocked by the provider. This means nobody can contact the criminals on how to get their data back.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, when you do business with someone that is a criminal you deserve to lose your bitcoin.

Same here clicking on links you have no idea where they came from or simply not just picking up the smart phone and calling the contact and asking “did you send this to me” a simple but archaic thinking that most people has lost in the 20th century.

There’s an interesting an interesting video on YouTube showing how this ransomware takes hold and spreads. Going by the BBC, it mainly affects businesses using the Ukrainian tax-filing software, MEDoc. The MEDoc update server was reportedly compromised, so when MEDoc downloaded an update, it downloaded the malware. Once active on the PC, it would then try spreading through the network using the Windows vulnerability known as Eternal Blue.

Or going to the proper official webpage and seeing if the same info is there.

I very rarely click on any links in emails even if I think they’re real. The only exception to this would be password resets that I’ve just requested etc.