Pay only a dollar to see the latest movies online ! (no ad!)

I just posted the article Pay only a dollar to see the latest movies online ! (no ad!).

An article on Slashdot reports that some website is streaming the latest movies for one dollar, because of a ‘flaw’ in Taiwanese copyright laws:

See the latest movies on the net? Its…

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Flaw or not, this is the way to protect movies! If I was able to watch any movie for 3 days for 1 dollar, I wouldn’t copy them anymore. I’d happily pay for the damn thing. THIS is how the MPAA and the RIAA should handle their merchendise!

yeah sure, @ what quality is this anyway? who wants to watch a movie on a screen wich isn’t bigger then 350 * 350 px and has crappy sound?! I’ll bet it won’t be DVD quality…

Nice. They use RealMedia. Do they realise you can record Real Mediastreams quite easily? Go to and you will find links to stuff like StreamboxVCR

yes, it is possible to download a realmedia file to your harddrive (with the right tools and some knowledge). the thing is - why would you want to? $1? $1 is what a good CDR with a case costs. i’d rather just stream the movie… but i want higher quality. i have a 1MBit connection and i want to come as close to 1MBit as possible when streaming. divx would be better than real… but can that be streamed easily? this taiwaneese company needs some serious hardware.

“Taiwanese” Rule ^^ :slight_smile:

Taiwanese Rulez!! Å_ž³’¡øÈfÅ¡q!!

This is a great site. I may check it out.

Is this site secure? Has anyone tried it, cuz im scared of giving my CC out

You’d pay $1 to watch a movie for 3 days? Doesn’t this sound a LOT like the original DIVX (not the Divx codec, the DVD based movies from Circuit City). They cost a bit more ($2-$4) but the results were the same - you can watch the movie as many times as you want in three days. That scheme didn’t work out. For this scheme to work, they are going to have to find a lot of wideband users.

whahaha a cdr kosts less than one dollar, and you watch it as many as you want an the quality would be much better also…