Pay for Napster downloads...?

I just posted the article Pay for Napster downloads…?.

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This is what a Belgian paper wrote on 23/08:
Napster is going to talk with some companies in the music industrie about a new way of bringing mp3’s on the net for…

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Fuck You man! I don`t pay anything! Now I must download in others servers! HAHAHAA!!!

check this page
those servers who are not from napster will be freeeeeeeeeee

Why does one uses Napster? Isn’t it to dl a song and if he likes it to buy it in stores? :wink:
Some people do that, not everyone but some of us do!

hey Duke,
looks like a bug in ur script …

Wait, I don’t get it, isn’t napster based on sharing files, or will they make their own servers and stuff to dl off of them, and if it still works with sharing, what happens when there is a transfer error?

Is it just me, or was the whole ethos behind Napster and it’s clones based on a rebelion against HUGE prices for music.

Now, $1-2 is still quite a lot, but if they charged something like half a dollar (Sorry, I’m from the UK. Is that 50 cents?) then it might be worth going for.

Free music is cool, but if they can come at us with a decent, well though out deal, I thinks we should reward the artists for their work.

Sorry to go against the flow!

I think the same way. HeLLHound.
When they will be reasonable, we will be out of bussines. I don’t want to copy. But i can’t affort to buy all this stuff.
And when you only buy per track. You only get the track you want. And that my fellow (amercains, oops sorry) copiers is a good thing.

Not a bad idea, only the price is stupid.
A normal cd costs $20, from that only $2 ever reaches the artist. So if the artist want’s his cut, you should pay only $2 for a compete cd and only $0.15 for a song!!!

Lets see wasn’t that a while ago that I read that some U.S. district judge some where has ordered the Music industry to pay damages to suppliers for forcing them to quadruple the profits, what the fuck happened to that? I guess they pleaded the fifth amendment faster than you can sneeze. So once again their lawyers have earned their income! and Now! they want to charge per song?
You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me? and lets say if anyone is insane enough to do that, what if they get cut off, then what, I guess they would have a special (double or notting!)
What would they think of next.

To those very naive people that think that the artist rights gets violated I can say this,Every body knows that the foundation of the record industry is on inflated profits,(shoving it hard and deep as far as it fits) I am sure you got the picture! so any arguments in wanting to help the consumer have been and will be an absolute Bull shit!!! I am sure every one knows that, They have never and will never come up with any prices that is remotley reasonable, and if they ever do then expect flaky cds and brown paper bag covers. I can assure you that by the time the artist work, works its way down the chain of commands thay have more than doubled their royalties or else they would have been droped by the recording label like the sack of potato. Any margin on the top is just the icing on the cake!
I guess the Napster scenario is like this, every one for them sleves, now that Napster is on shakey grounds, they figure well lets prostitue our selves, solidify our position and make some money while we are at it, why not.

The music industry would never change and neither would we.
Retribution is a Bitch isn’t it!

I personally reckon this was probably napster’s plan all along. I reckon they just came up with it as a huge market plan. Get a HUGE customer base, wait till they have tons of customers then start charging all the customers once you’ve got them. That way you’ll make an absolute killing. It’s just a guess but I wouldn’t be surprised. As for the whole: “what if I get cut off while downloading” question so many of you asked I’m sure they’ll set it up so that once you pay for the song you can then log in at any point for the next 24 hours using your user name and password and finish off the download.
Also, $1 a song is EXPENSIVE because if you think about it an album costs around $20 one of you said - an album can have around 15 songs on it. That works out at 1.33 cents a song. But when you buy it from the shops you also get the CD and the case. Also, part of the shops cost is in delivery and their rental costs for the shop. Both of these are pretty big factors and both have been eliminated. 50c a song or something there abouts is the only even slightly reasonable cost that can be justified in the slightest. Having said that I doubt I’m gonna pay for music for a LONG time. They’re all too greedy and a nice cut in profits will teach them all some lessons about greed.
If they want to stop piracy all they have to do is charge like $5 an album and no one will both with all the hassle of getting it off the web. With CD’s costing them around 30c or less, printing and all the other costs adding a maximum of 70c probably per CD that leaves them a profit of $4 per CD. Times that by millions of CD’s and that’s plenty for those greedy bastards to still be happy with.

heh…paradox with another touching, yet interesting view on the world around him

nice work…well all you had to do was complain about high software prices, then complain about Micro$ux and then support some warez sites and you would of attacked every news posting this week … congrats!

If you have to pay for Napster, people will simply return to good old FTP and usenet again.

God damn it Sorcerer6, KNOCK IT OFF!!!

BTW HUGE reply’s so this is a shortie

There is currently no quality-control on napster! How can one tell if the person that ripped the song you d/l is 100% accurate? People would not pay $ for this. Shouldn’t the person “serving” the song then be entitled to a percentage of that $1? Just the same as a music wholesaler/distributor makes their $!

One way to do this is if all songs were “professionally ripped” and then watermarked/checksumed in a database so the user could know for sure it was authentic before d/l. Or take that one step further and make napster server only accept authorized songs for trade through its servers. If people downloaded songs off you, your account would be credited a percentage of the selling price (say 10%) and this may be put in your account towards pruchase of other songs… would give incentive to those serving songs and then anyone could become a REAL, legal music distributor!

the people who made napster are just trying to clintch profit out of their creation now it looks in trouble -

who can blame them? its a cool resource and the first of its kind - if they make a few £££ good for them - other sites and progz will give away music for free!

pffffffffff, so many text ah fuck em, who uses Napster anyway? FTPs rulezzz, fuck napster with the slow transfer and with the stupid errors and other shit, I rather dl my mp3s from some fast OCxx FTPs

I agree with PaRaDox
Somethings will never change, home much do the music industry pay for their blank cds? About fuckall!


i think that the companies who sell the cds suck
to make a cd it costs about
$2 then theres some money that goes to the musician
$2 per cd/single
so why are they asking $20
in the stores???
its just crazy
cant they think
the reason is the price that everyone on this planet goes to dll mp3s from napster!

Of cause they can think Coole, they think with there wallets.