Pausing/Freezes at beginning of Authored DVD's

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1655. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey all, asked this a different way before, but really am frustrated here…

Recently I am having a LOT of problems with my burns not being able to be backed up with Decrypter OR Fab Plat, or RipIt for that matter because of these damn pauses/freezes within the first minute on the disc.

It doesn’t ALWAYS happen, but often enough to make me want to toss the tower out the window. Sometimes I get a clean burn the first try, sometimes the 2nd, and sometimes NEVER…

Here’s what I’m doing:

1.) I take an .avi file and import it into Magix Movie Edit Pro 11 (yeah, I know, but it’s better than Flick in my opinion when it works and I can customize my menus, etc. with my own jpegs which I don;t think Flick does)… then

2.) I burn it to disc (more times than not I have used Memorex16x DVD+R’s with little problem, I have some Linkyo Taiyo Yuden Silver Thermal Laquer 16x DVD-R on the way)… which recently more times than not has an annoying ‘pause’ or freeze -> playback (sometimes with a few second skip) that freaks out Decrypter and Fab, etc so I can’t make a HD backup of the DVD/multiply copies

I used to NEVER have this problem, but it’s happening more and more lately.

any ideas? what info do you need I didn’t give?

and extra questions: I THOUGHT I ordered DVD+R’s, but looking at my invoice they are shipping DVD-R’s… have never used -'s, drawbacks? and I see A LOT of posts mentioning 8x burns…why? quality/performance? should I NOT be burning at 16x?

any help to this (kinda) noob would be appreciated

You are converting avi to dvd with a little known program of dubious merit. ✓

You are using a notoriously variable brand of dvds in regard to quality and consistency. ✓

You are burning at 16x with said notoriously variable dvds. ✓

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario? :slight_smile:

If you want to import jpegs as backgrounds for your dvds, use FAVC to convert avi to dvd.

Burning at slower speeds with mediocre media often times helps produce a better result…up to a point. With 16x media you should probably stick with 8x as the slowest burn speed, but testing for yourself is the best course. Your burner is a good scanner, so burn at different speeds with whatever media you choose and examine the results. Keep doing that and you will build up a sense of what works with your equipment and your particular blank disks.

-R TY should be ok. Did you order 16x or 8x? The TY 8x has a better rep around here.

I ordered the 16x… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok,… will see about FAVC… been using Magix and Memorex 16x +R’s for a long time now and just wondered why all of a sudden it’s having issues…

Thanks for the reply… will keep trying new things!


Seems like this might be a little beyond me?? what’s the deal here,… and what’s the diference between 32bit and 64bit?

Two requirements:

  1. Must have Avisynth v2.56a, or later, installed. (2.57 Recommended.) Download
  2. Must have the .NET framework Version 2 installed. Download

wow… now I can’t install the Net 2.0 … it tells me it’s "incompatible with a previous version already installed… grrr

The 32 bit version of FAVC is what you want with your particular operating system (32bit XP Media Center).

If you have a higher version of Net already installed, you don’t need Net 2.0. The higher version incorporates the earlier one in this case.

AviSynth is necessary, but works in the background if you use FAVC. You won’t have to work with AViSynth at all, as FAVC will access it automatically.

K, thank Kerry… going to try to make one with it now… doesn’t look like there’s any fancy chapter menus, etc, but I can prolly live with that if it actually WORKS lol