Pausing a Nero Vision DVD Slideshow on a DVD player?

Hello gang. First time poster, long time reader (sorry)

I have Nero Vision 4. I put together a DVD slideshow for my inlaws by scanning a ton of old slides and editing them ,etc.

I can make a slidshow easy enuff. But it wont pause. I have tried a few freeware progs that I can get to pause, but I would rather use Nero since I am all done with the stupid thing, I want to give the DVD’s to the relatives for christmas and dont want to figure out a whole new program since I dont have much time left. the other progs I tried leave something to be desired quality wize.

If I cant do it then I will just add a longer duration to the slides, just want to know if there is something dumb I am doing wrong or is that just the way it is with Nero.

hopefully this is on the proper board. If not, issue me one demerit, please!

thanks great board you have.

I just tried it, and although you can’t pause from within NV4 (remote), I could pause the burned video (image recorder) with both Windows Media Player and Showtime. I would have to assume it would work the same on a DVD player.

It also appears that adding transitions might add artifacts during those transitions.

I would be interested to know if you can get it to pause in a DVD player. When I hit the pause button, I get a gray square in the upper right corner of the screen with an “X” in it.

Yes, it worked in my DVD player, I have a pause/step button and it halted the playback and left the slide on the screen.

Maybe something with your effects or transitions or something else is causing a problem, but I don’t know. If you burn it to the image recorder, you should be able to play it back just like a DVD, so the one you have should not work on ImageDrive either.

thanks! Im not sure what you mean by Image recorder. I just went though the steps in Nero Vision 4 and used that to record it.

Is this another Nero program within the suite?

I dont think the problem is with transitions, since the first try I burned didnt have any. Just a small slideshow with a few slides for a test.

I do appreciate the help!

I just did another video with more pictures. This one gives me the cannot circle you seem to describe. The differences between the first one I did and the second, was:

I selected play title after 30 second delay under automatization
I selected to include an HTML selection.
I selected to add original photos.

I will try again later without these options to see if they make a difference.

The ImageDrive is under Nero Tools where you can set up a virtual drive to play the image files. You first have to set it up, and then open it and load the image, then you can play the file.

I have to go Christmas shopping–be back later!

It looks now like the same DVD will pause in one DVD player but not an older one. The newer one that works says it is a DVD/Video CD/CD player.

thanks. I guess we will just have to live with it. Since I am giving this as gifts to the relatives, I dont know what kind of DVD players they all have. Hopefully it will at least play in all of them. I already found out that the DVD+R’s that I bought wont work in some, but the DVD-R’s I had do seem ok.

Kinda dumb. You would think if the player would pause a movie it would pause this.

oh well. again, I appreciate your helping me out.

well, I figured it out.

or, I should say I got it to work.

What I did was, I took the dvd I burned with Nero Vision and used DVDshrink to back it up. When I installed dvdshrink, I used Nero as the burning program.

Now, when I try to pause the dvd, it works! It must be using a different method of burning with Nero when using dvdshrink, I dunno.

Another thing. When I do it this way, I can now play dvd+r’s in addition to dvd-r’s in my dvd players. And one of my players would never play a dvd that I burned with Nero Vision, no matter what flavor dvd it was.

like I said, I dont really know whats going on!

But it works, thats the bottom line!