Pauseless chapter skips in Nero music file?



How do you put chapter splits in a large music audio file with Nero WITHOUT the slight pause between chapters? I want an unbroken sound file with chapters.

If not possible with Nero then how could I create a music file that can do “pauseless” chapter skips for free?

Thanks for any replies.


“pauseless” chapter skips ???


When I burn the file it’s almost 70 minutes with only one chapter. The only way to fast forward on my stereo is to hold down the FF button and wait until I reach the desired point. Takes too long.

When I burn the file and cut it into several chapters in Nero, I can skip 5 minute chunks by tapping the FF button on my stereo. This is a lot quicker. The problem is that every time the CD player reaches one of the chapter skips there’s a little pause in the audio, a break. I want the chapter skips without any of those little pauses in the audio playback, i.e. pauseless chapter skips.


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It’s quite easy to do this btw. First, make sure your source file is a WAV file (if it’s not, decode it ti WAV). Then, use an audio editor to split it into pieces. There are audio editors that can do this automatically on a preselected interval. Then, in Nero, drag all the fiesl into an audio compilation (CDDA) and set the between track pause to 0 seconds. You’re now ready to burn the disc, but make sure you write in disc at once mode (DAO), If Nero tells you that the pause before the first track should not be less than 2 secs, don’t worry, let Nero correct it fot you :slight_smile:

If you have any more quesions, feel free to ask!