Pause to edit out commercials Freezes Recorder

I have a LiteOn LVW 1101h DVD recorder, and I’m using it to transfer my old
VHS television shows to DVD. I decided to edit out the commercials, so I press pause on the DVD recorder when the commercials come on… Unfortunately, about 50% of the time, when I press pause, the DVD counter stops (showing that it is paused) but the recorder status display flashes the pause signal for a second, then switches back to the “recording” display… So, the DVD is actually paused, but it says it’s still recording. When the commercial is over, if I press “pause” again, to resume recording, nothing happens. The only way to resume the recording is to press the stop button… this seems like a small problem, but when you press “stop” during a recording, it starts a new TITLE in your menu… So, I have a 1-hour tv program divided up into 3 or 4 titles! I’ve taken the recorder back to Best Buy 3 times to exchange it, and every new one has the same problem. Is this something that is corrected in a firmware update? Other people MUST have this problem, because I couldn’t be so lucky/unlucky to pick 3 DVD recorders in a row that all have the same bug. Any help would be much appreciated,

Hi… I’m not familiar with the 1101h model but my 5005 and 5045 do not act that way. I do quite a bit of TV program playback off VCR (and HD on the 5045) and they work as intended to pause, fast fwd to resumption of program at which point simply pressing pause again resumes recording to DVD.

Okay… now the weirdness REALLY begins… as I have continued the progress of dubbing my VHS tapes to DVD, I’ve noticed a pattern with this bug. I can’t believe this, but here it goes… the bug only seems to flare up when I am dubbing cheapy VHS tapes to DVD. I bought a bunch of JVC 10 packs of VHS tapes for very cheap prices, and it seems to be on these tapes only that the “pause” bug appears. When I am dubbing from higher grade tapes (often High Grade T-160) I can pause the DVD recorder, and it doesn’t lock up!! Why should it matter what type of input I am dubbing?? The signal to pause the DVD recorder goes from the remote to the recorder itself, it shouldn’t have anything to do with the type of input source, should it? Some of the tapes I’m dubbing are over 10 years old, but because they are higher quality tapes, they don’t cause the “pause” bug. This makes no sense to me… any ideas??