Pause/Skip Issue

I have recently made backups of several dvd movies. The backups seemed to complete cleanly. Upon viewing, I noticed several times throughout the movies where there was slight skip or pause. Everything else about the movie was fine, picture, sound, etc.

Has anyone seen this similar problem? Is it possibly my media?

Thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated.

Hardware: Sony DRU-710A
Software: DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter

I’ve noticed that on occasion with bad / incompatible media. Try the disk in another player if you can, maybe that one has better luck. I’m often satisfied it at least one of my players will play a disk I made. I figure then the data is there and if I need it later on I can rip and burn a new one. I doubt I’ll ever live long enough to watch most of these things anyway.

Do you notice it more at the ends of the movie? My bad media tends to screw up on the outer edge of the disk more than anywhere else.

There’s no way that I’ve discovered to determine what is good media for yourself without trial and error. But once you find a batch that works, try to load up on it. I have a memorex branded lite-on that works great with the memorex branded dvd’s (cool colors version … Ritek r03) but not so good when I bought a sale priced 50 pack of memorex branded (gray … verbatim mcc003) dvd’s … even though the verbatim mcc003’s were supposed to be good disks.

Also, It doesn’t help that you have to buy the dvd’s before you know what’s inside them. It’s not like the package tells you.

Sometimes an application such as DVDRebuilder inserted layer breaks at each chapter point for some reason and had to be removed using IFOEdit. Doesn’t always happen but when it does, each time a chapter changes there’s a slight pause in playback.

Another cause is using the wrong version of DGDecode.dll with Rebuilder, and produces a stuttering effect on playback occasionally.



Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree Zam, seems like its trial and error most of the time with this stuff.

As for the player. Ive only watched the movies all the way through on one player, so it is possible thats the issue.

As for where the pauses occur, it actually seems they’re more frequent in the beginning of the movies and then the second half or end has little to none.

For me, it just seems that some of my players are more tempormental than others about handling errors (or scratches and such)… I usually check my disks in my old PS2 because it seems to be the finickiest. If I have troubles there, I try a $35 player I got at Wal-Mart last summer when I needed a cheap player on the dropzone. If it doesn’t work in either of those, I usually will reburn. Of course, my computer burner can read anything! I’m really impressed by it… I can stick a disk under a grinder and this thing will still read it. Sometimes I get flicks from the library that are so scratched up I figure there isn’t a chance … and I’m always surprised. It even read one disk that had a crack all the way through.