Pause after DVD/CD eject/insert



Hello All,

I always get a short ‘freeze’ few moments after ejecting CD/DVD e.g. nero burn completion or inserting new disc. During the freeze, all keyboard/browser doesn’t work, this last for few seconds.

This happens in my SONY 800, 510 and builtin DVDR drive… from Win2K to WinXP…

Is this normal?


Normal or not, I also experience this, but never thought much of it.


I too get this. I have been looking for a solution, but so far have not found anything.

I am wondering if it is related to some service. It looks like the CD drive is not responding while I checks the disc format, and during that time Windows freezes.

It also seems to happen with heavy disk I/O in general. Everything pauses, you can’t switch windows, WinAMP stops playing etc.