Paulo Coelho wants you to pirate his books

Paulo Coelho wants you to pirate his books.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It's rare for an artist - be it a musician, author or filmmaker - to admit they're perfectly fine with piracy. It's even rarer for them to facilitate it via their own website while ruminating on just why it isn't such an evil thing. Novelist Paulo Coehlo does both.

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This guy is my new hero! Him and Moby, of course. :smiley: lol

He speaks the truth and as they say in the media, “Its the Sign of the Times”. If you embrace “piracy” as way to promote, those who can afford buy.

Especially in these economics times. Another article here reports that the box office numbers are down but not everyone can afford to take the family out everytime there’s a new movie. Add the cost of food/refreshments and ouch! Personally speaking, if I see/hear (experience) a work of art I really like I feel obligated and compelled to support that artist. And if I have the funds to do it it’s a done deal. Sometimes we have to try the milk before we buy the cow. It’s as simple as that.