Pattin-Couffin 1.28

Most VSO software uses the Pattin-Couffin burn engine. The lastest is V1.28 and it hasn’t been updated in a while. I believe that is the reason noone with VSO software can obtain 16x speeds with any firmware or writer or media. The best I have ever been able to achieve is 13.55 for an instant with an avg of about 9x. Other software programs that do not use the Pattin-couffin have delivered much better performance. If anyone from VSO reads this I would love some feedback.

Unless you’re using 16x media, if you’re trying to overburn 8x media to 16x with that burner, the 13.55x might be a blessing in disguise, as Fuji y000-t02-00 from Best Buy (DVD+R) only can handle a 12.97x max before their error rates on burn testing goes really high.

I use TYG-03 and MCC004.