Patin Couffin

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Have been reading some info on this Patin Couffin engine. If you have DVDFab platinum is it needed or used with these products? A little confused on this. Thanks

Patin Couffin is an “access layer” that’s required for many burn engines such as VSO (default burn app for fab). Actually, I think it was developed by VSO…not sure tho’. It dates back to such programs as dvdxcopy (321 studios).

You can start here .

and here are 4 pages of threads, some of which are probably worth a read:


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Patin Couffin is the device driver which be used by VSO burning engine (the default burning engine of DVDFab).

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I checked it right after posting and both were ok; the 2nd link was a “search” which netted four pages re: Patin Couffin. I think because of the search function, it is probably time sensitive…oh well, despite my age, I continue to learn on an almost daily basis.

Thanks for picking that up… :iagree:

Here is a thread that I started after searching Google a few months ago.