Patin Couffin

Does the Patin Couffin layer interfere with Clonedvd2 at all?

I have installed blindwrite 5 and now my Pioneer DVR-106 keeps coming up with bad media when writing with Clonedvd.

I have firmware 1.08 installed.

Many thanks

I haven’t seen any compatibility problems, but VSO updates Patin Couffin (and Autoplay) very often, so it is possible, that some version has a conflict.
In other words: I don’t know.

@mccarw :
I also have DVDFab Gold in my system,both Elby CloneDVD2 and DVDFab Gold work fine
DVDFab Gold alos use Patin Couffin driver
My Hardware:
Athlon64 FX53
Pioneer DVR-A08-J-BK(firmware v 1.14)
Pioneer DVD ROM 121
DDR400 512MB*2

I don’t know, if this is important: Blindwrite uses Autoplay driver/feature, DVDFab doesn’t.

I have the latest BlindWrite installed with CloneDVD/AnyDVD and don’t appear to have any problems if that helps.

Thanks all,

I disabled the Blindwrite Drivers and tried again. Disk worked fine. Here’s hoping!

Fascinating. I haven’t had any conflicts at all that I know of. If there is an issue, I would expect that SlySoft will be all over it. :slight_smile: They rock when it comes to fixing bugs.