Patin-couffin installation error

Patin-couffin driver is not up to date. please install a more recent version".

that’s what I get all the time. No matter if I delete %SYSTEMDIR/vso_loc or not.

I actually wonder if it got installed at all because the final setup step said:

Destination directory:

Start Menu folder:
      BlindWrite Suite

Hardware access layer installation status :
      Patin-Couffin Access layer selected.
      Trial period already started
      File pcouffin.inf not found or not reachable.

and in the cd access configuration panel I cannot select the recommended driver. Greyed out.

Help would be much appreciated!

What O/S have you got. Is your aspi the correct version or what version have you got. When you installed BR and or uninstalled it did you take out the patin driver and then try and re-install it again. Is it the latest version of BR.


hello :slight_smile:

I’m running the latest BW version of Win2k Pro SP4 (didn’t work with SP3 either). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling BW several times without any luck.

according to the cd access configuration panel I’m currently using Juko Poiklaine’s ASPI driver (
C:\Program Files\VSO\Blindwrite\NtAspi32.dll

according to aspichk.exe:
aspi32.sys - 4.71.2
wowpost.exe - 4.6 (1021)
winaspi.dll - 4.6 (1021)
wnaspi32.dll - 4.71.2
it tells me: ASPI is properly installed and fully operational

I don’t know which information I should trust :slight_smile:
Probably the CD Access Configuration only sets access settings for BW, right?

I hope that helps :bow:

Ok 0xnarf. It all seems fine to me. Did you try an older version. I’m using the latest version on SD 2.9 but i’ve started testing it on SecuROM 4.8 and it giving probs. I use the older version which is a gem for the new securom 4.8. Give this one a try and see what happens. Go here to get it:
Let me know what happens. I’m using win98 with the old version and it gives no problems what so ever. Also do you have any other programs installed like Alcohol or clone cd which might be interfearing with BR or backround tasks running. Also don’t forget when uninstalling the br make sure to delete the patin driver and also this one PCatip.vxd if it’s in there. When you install the older version it will put the versions back in.

Unclebobie23 :slight_smile:

Also don’t forget when uninstalling the br make sure to delete the patin driver and also this one PCatip.vxd if it’s in there.

when running BW uninstall it doesn’t ask for the deinstallation of the couffin driver. But after deinstallation there’s no more pcatip.sys in C:\winnt\system32\drivers so I guess it did its job :slight_smile:

I’m trying v4.2.5 now :slight_smile:
setup looks promising:

Hardware access layer installation status :
      Patin-Couffin Access layer selected.
      30 days of trial left
      Hardware access layer successfully installed.

thanks for the help so far :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

edit: I neither have ccd nor alcohol being installed. Only Nero and CDRWin. Concerning background tasks…daemon tools are running. might that cause problems?

it’s working! finally! Couffin drivers revision 10.

Unfortunately I was told I’d need 4.4+ to backup the game of my choice (SecuROM)…Warcraft III TFT that is.

edit: yep. failed. maybe I should have deselected “enhance weak sectors” or something. Any idea? Or do I really need 4.4+ to burn that baby?

Ok 0xnarf. From what i heard Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Beta) has SecuROM on it. You don’t need 4.4. I did CMR 3 with and it had with no probs. When doing it try the reading speed at 4x or 8x. Once the image is done do the bwa measurement at 2x, 4x, or 8x. when burning it back select Enhance Weak Sectors, Use Bwa File If Available and Eject when finished. Also Select Dao Pw if your writer will allow it and set the write speed to 8x. See what happens. I don’t know how many disks it has but if it has more than 1. What ever one’s are not ptotected when doing these you don’t need to do a bwa file and don’t select Enhance Weak Sectors & Use bwa File if Available. Dao pw as the write method and any speed should do on the unprotected discs.

Unclebobie23 :slight_smile:

I don’t own the original (yet). I just got the BW image which was shipped with a .bwa file.

I did burn it with “enhance weak sectors, use bwa file, DOA PW and eject when finished”. As result I got non-working wc3 tft cd :-/ It takes hours to start the game. When I check the cd with cd-check or something it reports crc errors in Setup.mpq (which is 421MB, the complete cd is ~460MB). Mounting the image with the daemon-tools and checking the virtual-cd doesn’t lead to any errors.

I’m pretty confused. There’s hardly anything I could have done different (concerning the burning process)…

my cd writer is a Plextor10/10/40A. Maybe it’s its fault?