Patin coffin problemS?



after i install,we hav2 setup the aspi driver right?. so i do it n every time i try 2 set it i alway get eror message “ur patin coffin driver is not up 2 date” something like this although i hav the latest v4.5.7 . so i hav 2 use my aspi driver. strange, right?

and, how i burn mp3 n ogg using blindwrite suite?(cause i saw this "Blindwrite Suite can also create CD audio from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA, monkey’s audio and be use with " on blindwrite web site.


need to know what operating system you are using.




exactly the same prob with me too, running Win98se

tried uninstalling 4.5.7, but it still leaves the patin-couffin config in the control panel, can’t remember if it did that in the older versions, but anyways, you can click on it and then i get the ‘patin-couffin driver not up to date’ also, so i gotta use aspi layer instead of recommended

dun think it will help but…all updates for win98se installed, using aspi layer v4.60, burner is sony crx140e, reader is sony cdu5231, also running one alochol virtual drive too



This is a confirmed bug with 98SE, they are working on it as we speak, but remember this, Microsoft no longer supports 98SE, windows update will still do the updates, but they no longer actively work on this Operating System.


thanks 4 ur helpactualy:bigsmile: .actually,i juz use my win98se 4 testing it only(i dont hav burner on it win98se).the 1 that hav burner is winXP,so it is not a big deal wif me.:stuck_out_tongue: