How do I disable Pathway? I see that is a common fix for ripping problems I guess. DVDFab worked awesome during trials, but once I bought the software, not so much. All my DVD’s copy, but when I put in the blank disc, “DVD Fab stops working.” So I start the program back up and burn from the temporary file. It says the disc is completed successfully, but it doesn’t play in my player.

HP Pavillion tx2500
Windows Vista 32-bit OS
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core
250 GB HD

pathplayer is used during the rip process to remove unplayable content.

you can disable pathplayer

[li]click settings[/li][li]pathplayer[/li][li]disable pathplayer[/li][/ul]

i suspect you have a different problem than pathplayer if you are able to rip the disc to your hard drive.

please copy and paste your logs, My Documents\DVDFab\Log