PathPlayer Problem

I ripped my movie Apocalypto using Path Player and then tried to make a xvid backup using autogk and Audio was out of sync.

Hi weaver4,

It’s not a PathPlayer problem, it’s a bug of AutoGK.

You can try DVDFab Platinum’s “DVD to Mobile” to see the result.

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I was thinking of purchasing Platinum, but I could not find out what version of the DivX, XviD codecs it uses. What versions does it use?

BTW: has the same problem.

DivX4 I think. You can try Platinum for 30 days free to see if you like it–full functions.

Yes please take advantage of the full function free trial before you buy. It will give you a very good idea of whether you like the program, and I have no doubt that once you get used to using this program you will be very satified.:iagree:

DivX4 is very old.

Could be wrong, but I think this is what AVICodec reports. Try it yourself and see. Costs nothing but a little time.

DVDFab Platinum uses internal latest XVID codec to do mpeg4 encoding.

There is no reason to use DivX in DVD to Mobile/generic mode. XviD gives with DVDFab best quality results and fully compatibly with DivX codec. Note: XviD is reconiced on standalones (DVD-Player) perfectly (if DivX or mpeg4 is build in).

@ signals: My DVD-Player tells me, that DVDFab used DivX 4.12.