Pathplayer Enabled / Disabled

I have "Pathplayer enabled at all times" in Common Settings.

If I go to Common Settings/Pathplayer should I see "Pathplayer Enabled" regardless of movie being ripped ?

Or will I see "Pathplayer Disabled", when FAB determines Pathplayer
is not needed for a particular rip, even though I chose to have Pathplayer enabled at all times ?


Maybe this should be in the DVDFAB Forum, also didn’t you ask this there once before ? Sorry I don’t know as I never bothered to look at that :frowning:

No Jimbo I never ask before.
No matter, things are working fine.
I just happen to notice that sometimes pathplayer indicates"enabled"
while other times “disabled”.
The few times I’ve had problems pathplayer indicated disabled,
leading me to assume pathplayer was not working properly.

No matter, things are working fine.


Maybe if it’s not needed it doesn’t show as being on even though you have it checked to enable, OK sorry but I thought I read this thread before but at my age I might get forgetful and just read it here when you first posted :slight_smile: anyway as long as things are working good I wouldn’t worry about it