Pathplayer bug

dvdfab dvd xfiles series 4 disc 2. wouold not copy with pathfinder enabled - it froze at 0.47% copied & did that several times. Had to kill dvdfab with task manager.

The same disc in same drive with the same customise settings then ripped OK with pathplayer disabled.

This was a strange result because I’ve ripped other xfiiles discs using pathfinder to remove warnings & they have worked OK.

Didn’t bother to retry with latest betas, as i’ts only a monor annoyance.

There’s also a weird structure with some xfiles discs that pathplayer is not removing. Every disc has 4 episodes at about 40 minutes., butsome discs also have either 1 or 2 slightly longer title sets and what those are is copies of episodes with deleted scenes added back in. that’s why they are a few seconds or up to a couple of miuntes longer. So e.g. this disc had title sets 1-4 for the regular episodes, but also had title sets 10 & 11. See screenshot below.

But those extended episodes are totally inaccessible via a standalone dvd player i.e. you can’t get to them via the menus. You can play a deleted scene from the disc menus but you can’t select to play a full episode with the deleted scene included. The only way to play those title sets is using goto options in powerdvd or Windvd, or to select & burn them as individual movies. A standalone player cannot play title set 10 or 11 as there’s no navigation to those title sets.

So pathplayer should be removing those title sets according to its spec as I understand it??? but with this disc it didn’t.

I’ve seen pathplayer operate properly ( ii.e. remove an unselectable title set) on a different disc in the series, probably in a earlier program version, so I don’t konw if a bug has been introduced in or if it’s just an issue with this specific disc. I
I’m only mentioning it really in case the program authors are interested, I don’t need to plan to mess with this disc any more .

NB the disc only contains 4 different episodes, It appears to contain 6 but 2 are inaccessible duplicates as explained above. The screen shot is after ripping with pathplayer disabled.

You don’t call those title sets, which means VTS, as it is misleading. They are called Title as shown in the column. There can be one or more Titles in one VTS.

Maybe you can help the author improve pathplayer by providing the IFOs and the shrinked menu VOB.

Hi cybmole,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


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