Path Too Long



I am trying to create a set of DVD’s with Roxio 7 and I am getting an error saying the path is too long. I am trying to burn it using the following settings.

File System: UDF 102
Bridge: Joliet Bridge

Can someone please tell me how long of path is too long so I know which folders I need to fix? Thanks.


Don’t use UDF, use ISO.
If you burning app doesn’t allow ISO :confused: , trash it and use Nero :bigsmile:
ISO with Nero will let you set an unlimited lenght for paths, with the drawback that it can’t, then, be read in older operating systems (Windows 95 / DOS).
UDF is evil :a


UDF 1.02 is really OLD anyways - don’t use it either, but know that it’s up over 2.x now, if not higher


Its at 2.60, but funnily enough 1.02 is the most compatible with Video and Audio. I’ll vote ISO as well, but I have used and had no problem with UDF.


Lucky guy! :smiley: