Patent could lead to 'pay-as-you-go' PCs



Microsoft is looking to change the way that users buy PCs by applying for a patent that spells out a “pay-as-you-go” concept where users would be charged for both software and computing horsepower.




I read that and I am starting to hate Microsoft again. Pretty soon they’ll patent the toilet. I think the “cloud” concept sucks too. People are going to end up with just a terminal like in the old days. Tron will be relevant again.


It will never fly. I think Linux will become the #1 OS in record time if they do this. Or we will all start buying Macs. Or maybe Apple will compile a PC compatible version of their OS and wipe the floor with MS.


Microsoft will soon annoy me as much as ebay does with there “we tell you what you can/cant do” attitude

Who in there right mind would go for this.


Yeah like that will fly. Where did the M$ ingenuity go?? Most likely by the curb side trash. Just like UTR says I think people will go to Linux before giving a cent to M$ for all the problem software they released so far. Cloud computing is just vaporware in my mind. If that was so true we shouldn’t have to have a ISP subscription just a terminal and hook to a cable or teleco line and were ready to go-like that is going to happen anytime soon. That would be like terminal which I called dumb terminal that cant do squat. I like the freedom to install and remove what I like on my own computer and connect to the net when I feel like I want to. Cloud is a myth-reason being if you out in the bouyness you should be able to fire up the laptop and go online right??? Not going to happen if there isn’t a reliable tower to connect to or no tower at all. And plus nowdays most people have computer but there still that don’t have internet so cloud myth isn’t taking into account all the users out there. I myself call Cloud computing a hype that in the end does nothing good for the endusers whom should have a choice of what they want their internet to do for them and what they like to have install on there computer.


greed always takes over and Microsoft is full of it but like other companies it will be there downfall. I have seen this over and over a company thinks they can rip people off and do for a short time but then someone else comes in to replace them.


Cloud computing is the ultimate surrendering of your will to M$. I actually hear people saying, “that would be cool”. I want to own the software I use. I want to work offline. I want to have the option of not using the internet.


Woot! I’d love that scheme …
I’d wander down to a shop, buy a High End PC … run acronis backup on the partition …
Make the partition much smaller, put it back … and then install Linux on the rest :wink:
(Some things still need to be done in windows - like BD ripping)

I’d have a high end gaming machine for a few $ a month :wink: