Patching under WinXP?

I have tried to flash my Liteon 40125S to the new 48x recorder.
I have done this with a Boot Disc, recomended by you. (Win98)
But the only thing I saw were a few information about this MTKFLASH tool and the System hung there was no flashing process.
By the way, this was done on a WindowsXP System, shall I put the burner into a Win2000 PC and try it there ?
What else could I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance Gräfdig Gloner

I would like to know this as well. I just ordered the same burner and I’m sure that I’ll be flashing it at some point if not right away if it doesn’t have the most current firmware in it.


I’ve just flashed mine on an XP Pro system.

Just go into explorer, right click on the floppy, select format, click on “Create an MS-Dos startup disk”, then click Start to format the disk.

If you want you could create a folder on the floppy to hold the flash stuff.

Copy MTKFLASH, the binary firmware you want (VS01.bin), and the bat file (if you have one) to the floppy e.g.

rem To WRITE the flash of a drive using MTKFLASH:

rem Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

rem 1: Primary master
rem 2: Primary slave
rem 3: Secondary master
rem 4: Secondary slave


My bat file contains


i.e. the LiteOn is on the Secondary master.

Reboot your machine.

You now should be at a dos prompt. Go to the folder (if you used one) and run your bat file to flash the drive.

Wait, dont panic, let it do its stuff, it takes time to go through all the banks on the drive.

When it finishes reboot and XP will say you have new hardware :slight_smile: