Patching psx games

hi there all i have a acer 4432 cd writer and this is not compatable wif clonecd, so i have to resort to using cdrwin and patching the games. i tryed this using cdrwin with the extract sectors mode, and had the following settings (cdrwin 4.0)

reading options raw mode
error recovery = ignore
jitter correction =disable
subcode anaylsis= auto
read retry count=50
subcode threshold=300

read speed 1x
also i have not used any crack wat so ever on it

wat happenes is a make the image then patch it with ppf matic then write it back at 1x

the game i am currently tryin is resident evil 3 (pal) and it loads up to the “this game contains gore etc etc” and doesnt go ne where from there!
i have tryed numerous patches,. so wat could be the problem? the cd is in good nick, i am using a game enhancer, so yeh

i have been able to copy games successfully but only thos that do not require a patch, but wen it comes to patching i just end up wif a whole bunch of coasters!
please can someone help me out!!
thnx alot!

you say that clone cd not support your writer but that is not true

download this version and it works

i know that becouse there is a writer - support list look here and you will see your writer is supported

if you need any serial or crack look at this site

if you have to know what copy protection the cd haves use this program and scan the cd start clone cd and use that settings that this program shows

cdrwin is all i use 4 patching u have to extract a Disk image/cuesheet then patch the bin.