I have inherited a computer and quite an amount of software. One or 2 of them have been backed up and contain a subdirectory with a patch in it. You can install from this disk but unless you apply the patch the program does not run. And when it runs you do not need the cd. What I would like to know is the following: If I do a copy of the disk I cannot add anything to it. So how do they do it? Do they “rip” the disk? and then rewrite it? I would like to add a small file containing my personal information to all my backed up games and think that this would be a way to do it.

It sounds like these patches are what is commonly known as cracks, allowing your to use the software without owning the correct license (and without having the correct serial key).

Changing discs as you suggested is in fact changing the software, which is in almost all cases a violation of the End User License Agreement, of not a violation of copyright laws.

And, as clearly stated in our rules, such illegal practices are not allowed on this forum.