Patched firmwares available



Here’s a bunch of patched firmwares that have been added to my site. The following files were made available:

[li]LiteOn iHAS120X firmware FL01
[/li] [li]LiteOn iHAS122W firmware PL02, PL06, PL07, PL08 PL09
[/li] [li]LiteOn iHAS124W firmware HL04, HL05, HL08, HL0A and HL0F
[/li] [li]LiteOn iHAS324W firmware HL12, HL16 and HL18

For all firmwares RPC1 and Auto-Reset firmwares are available

The firmwares require certain bootcodes to be present on the drive. Binflash will refuse flashing if the drive’s bootcode does not match the expected bootcode.


Thanks Liggy!


Thanks Liggy!:clap:



I have an iHAS124W and I tried to flash the drive with some of the various FW versions that you offer to remove riplock from the drive. I’ve tried HL0F & HL0A in RPC1 and AUTO and none of them removes riplock. They appear to flash correctly but the riplock still seems to be active. Am I missing something?



At least on the latest Optiarc drives which the new LiteOn drives seem to be based on there was no riplock. Not sure if this was changed on the iHAS drives. But the code that checks for a VIDEO_TS folder, was disabled on the Auto and RPC1 firmwares.


Thanks Liggy.


Can the latest FW for the iHAS124 W, HL0G, be patched, or, no?