Patched firmware results and questions about the Patcher



First I wish merry Christmas to everyone :wink:
I hope everyone has got the patcher… from now on noone will get it. Thanx to all of you who want to help! I wish this way we can improve the firmware even more :slight_smile: If someone has questions please ask them!


Merry Christmas to you too Quikee2 :wink: and thanks. 1 Question for now. How long will the instruction site be up? Edit: I’m going to edit instead of making another post. Looks like very good instructions Quikee. Good job !! You might want to post or PM if you change the instructions please or update patcher :slight_smile:


Hmm… until I update it :wink:
I hope you all understand everything… and I hope everyone has read all I’ve written :wink:


Ooooh… is there a “readme” file…? :smiley: :bigsmile:

Edit. GREAT, a “readme” webpage…:bow:

Then I better start READING. :wink:

Thanks once again and a merry Christmas to you too. :cool:


It’s simple to use… you just have to be careful with what you actually change the strategies with… It’s possible to change the strategy with the same one… but the media codes are different =)


Indeed, the tool is simple to use but you have to know which chang to make.

I hope to see in the next release of this wonderfull tool, the possibility to add higher speed and add or remove media codes. But for now this is enough to play with. Thanks again :bow:


where is the patcher??



Excellent work Quikee2 and the instructions could not have been any simpler to understand.

Ok time to go play.


Quikee2: ??? How can you tell what the strat is for each speed before you change it?

EDIT: Do u have a list of all the strats that have been tried that were either good or bad?


I assume if you want to change a strat for 12 speed the only possibilities that you get are strats that have 12 speed in them to chooce from. I’m I right Quikee2?


Yes the most important thing is that you have to know which changes have been already made in V3B3… Remember that every change you make will affect the media codes in upper left and right tables… in the center right table the strat duplicats are listed… that means all the media codes are listed that use a copy of the current selected strategy… those media codes aren’t affected by changes.
Interesting thing is that if you open the original 2.18 firmware you’ll se that MCC003 and PHILIPS 081 are using the same strategies (but not in the same location… this means there are 2 same strategies written in the firmware)… This is unusual for a original firmware because it would be better if those 2 would be in the same group. The same goes for TTH01 and TTH02(3,4,5,6).


Quikee > So beings how i don’t know what you have changed to make V3B3 i should start with 2.18 or 2.28 original .bin file and go from there?


heh… you can use original 2.18 or 2.28… but it won’t help you much as you can’t change the speed… As I said… you don’t really have to know what I’ve changed but keep in mind that the strat change will affect all media codes in upper tables. and BTW… I have every change in V3B3 in the txt file that comes with the firmware + the ones that are in Extreme. But to make things easier for all of you I’ll post all the changes in V3B3 again here.


ok…I got ya. I have the text files saved for your f/w’s


OMG, I feel like a 4yrs child on Christmas eve… :bow: :bow: :bow:

To start with I flashed “wrong” drive, my external (USB2) NEC 3500. But so what.
Quikee2… THIS IS GREAT FUN. :smiley:

Brand: TDK in juwelcase
Type: DVD+R 4x
Write speed: 12X
Written as: create data disc
Firmware: Pinto2/Quikee2_V3B3
Comment: fellas forum members, right now I´m out of words. :bigsmile:


Lol weirdly mixed strategies but a good result however :wink:


WTG Pinto2


Nice. Great 1st try.


OK. Not as great as Pinto2, but best burn I’ve ever gotten so far on Maxell Branded RICOHJPNR01. All others always fell off and never completed at 12x and would not complete transfer test at 16x either.

RICOHJPNR01 --------> MCC 003 10x & 12x

Brand: Maxell
Type: DVD+R 4x
Write speed: 12X
Written as: create data disc
Firmware: FastAssEG/Quikee2_V3B3


Yeah… we have to start somewhere… :smiley:
Remember, this is 3x speed-up on a crapy media. :bigsmile:

BTW, I think I will use YUDEN000T01 strategy in 6x section next time. :cool: