Patched firmware effects

Hi all not been to this site since it was cdfreaks. just wondering if there was a guide orarticle that explains all the different patches you can apply to stock firmware. thanks gav

The firmwares of older TSST drives (up to 20x models roughly) could be patched with C0deking’s Patch Utility. See this thread:


thanks Michael I’ve read that thread I’m also having trouble loading my firmware into that utility and also into omnipatcher2. I’ve extracted the bin from exe using 7zip and winrar and still no luck. I got the one click flashes from Samsung site they both flash fine but once bin extracted both programs fail to recognise it

Thought I best start a new thread. I read in the review thread that the above drive can be patched. So I’ve got the latest Sony/Samsung utility and the latest omnipatcher and also sb00 and sb01 firmware from Samsung site. neither program can open the bin file after extraction. I’ve used 7 zip and win rar and I’m on win 7 64 bit. both the firmware execute and flash the drive fine. just can’t open the bin. any ideas? P.S I’m on a mobile searching and hard and slow but I’ve looked round as good as I can. thanks gav

Which firmware are you trying to change?

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Where did you read that you could patch the firmware for the SH-222BB? And some of those tools are not meant for Samsung drives.

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apparently those are the same tools he used - he states this a few posts later.

Sorry having trouble copy links with mobile its on the 223 results and discussion thread

Omnipatcher was for some older LiteOn drives (some of which could have been rebadged as a Sony drive).

None of the Samsung utilities, to my knowledge, work with drives that come after the SH-S243 series, which means they do not work with drives of the SH-2xxyy designation (notice the difference from the SH-Sxxzy name). (xx is the maximum DVD write speed for the drive, y or yy are additional letters to identify different hardware, z – only for older drives – indicates SATA [3] or PATA [2] ).

Thanks Albert guess that makes all new Samsung’s a no go then. my s222bb is not exactly great with ritek g05 8x wouldn’t fancy burning anything faster on this drive. I tried cross flashing back down to a 216bb but the burn stayed roughly the same. I will try upload a couple screens later on it will be a mess on with the mobile like. maybe these drives just don’t like ritek discs

Ritek G05 IS 8x media. And it is better to ditch them directly instead of mistreating a DVD writer with these.

Seriously, Ritek G05 is considered being one of the most unreliable blank media (apart from faked stuff).


Where they not reliable at some point? I was recommended them some years ago and my optiarc / lite on drive does almost flawless burns on them. the Dvd player seems to like them too. I just thought it was the Samsung drive that didn’t lol.
so what media is worth a look then that isn’t overly expensive?

“Were they not reliable at some point?” Many folks had flawless burns on G05, but a noteworthy number of discs physically deteriorated at a fairly rapid rate. It hurt Ritek’s reputation for quite some time.

What sources of media are available to you?

I usually buy off ebay as the local shops are few and pricey so just about anything I would imagine, just no idea what’s good and what’s not.

Just noticed your in the usa I’m in the UK so I guess that would help Lmfao

Many UK users had good experience with
They have media from Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, which are highly recommended although they are reportedly not as excellent as they had been in former times.

I would suggest to browse our blank media section for additional hints and recommendations.


Excellent recommendation mate, the verbs are not a lot more than the ritek discs. next batch I buy will be verbs then. I will have a look round the blank media section when I have some more time.