Patched 451S@851S - now reading speed slow



I have patched my LDW 451S with the newest 451@851 firmware.
After that it didn’t recognize medias at all… and if so the reading speed was very terrible.
So I decided to flash it back to original firmware.
First I tried GSB9, newest one, original version. Same problems, but better reading speed.
Then I tried GSB7 optimized-patched for DVD reading speed, same as with the GSB9 here.
It recongnizes Medias nearly most of the time, but reading speed is terrible at the beginning of a burnt DVD for example.
All DVD-R’s I have burnt so far are not radable fast now. If it were Data DVDs it wouldn’t be a big problem but they are Movies, so it is alot annoying when the film and audio stutters or stops completely at all because of that reading speed.

Any suggestions?

Please excuse my broken english… ^^


Nobody knows a tip form me? Damn, I cant use the drive atm, it’s sooo slow.


Have you checked to make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive?


Sorry for that question but how to enable/disable the DMA status on DVD drives? I know how to make that on HDDs but in the DVD burner dialog I can only change things like “Digital Playback for Audio” …


You change it in the same place as for HDD’s, in the properties of your IDE ATA/ATAPI controller most likely.