Patch problem with my burner



Since buying my qtech burner i have never been able to successfully patch games. It will copy non patched games very well but when i patch the image file and then burn the image, the game will lock up. The best i can do is burn two copies of the game, one with the patch and one without, patches which pause the disc at the start for some advertising, i then insert the patched game, wait till the patch loads, switch the disc with the unpatched game and run it. This works and i can play the game but not all patches run this way. I use cdrwin to read the image to harddisk and ppf-o-matic to apply the patch. I use my burner for reading and writing at 1x. The program says it has patched successfully and i only ever use patches which have been tested. My burner is a QTECH CD PRO IDE MODEL NO.34AR260DW018399 I am at my wits end so please can anybody help.


Your burner may be one that cannot burn patched games.
If it can do unprotected ones ok but not patched ones then it looks that way.


Thank for your reply, my burner can copy patched games that someone else has burned but i just can’t seem to burn them on my burner any more suggestions?